January 13, 2011
The Child Sweeps in Like a Storm!

One snowstorm after another has blasted New England this winter. But The Child is taking the Bay State by storm as well.

This documentary film exposes the current threat to parental rights and the need to protect these rights by passing a constitutional amendment. The film was written and produced primarily by members of a single concerned homeschooling family.

In Massachusetts, even cold and snow can’t put a chill on the fervor The Child is stoking among parents.

One group of volunteers sought to host a screening for about 100 at their church. After promoting it through an affiliated Christian school and their state’s chapter of Focus on the Family, they got an audience of around 200, with 50 volunteering after the film to remain continually active in promoting the movie and the Parental Rights Amendment. Final numbers on donations and petition signers are not yet available, but we know they are going to be good as well!

If you haven’t hosted a screening yet, why not set one up today? You may not reach 200—but then, this group never expected to reach so many, either. Yet they’re blanketing their Massachusetts town like a foot of snow!

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