December 17, 2004
Working Together Gets Results

Massachusetts has one of the three worst homeschool laws in the United States, but groups of homeschoolers have learned that they can improve their own district's policy by working together. Families in the Ashburnham-Westminster school district have developed a model policy to propose to their school committee. Although the families in that district are very diverse, they have proven once again that homeschoolers can work together to protect their liberty. Their efforts are an example to homeschoolers across the commonwealth.

Another district where homeschoolers are working together is Plymouth. A large number of families have not yet been "approved" to homeschool this year, because they are participating with the Fellowship Christian Academy in nearby Kingston. The official school district policy requires them to provide a schedule of instruction, listing the number of minutes they will teach each child for each subject. As an organized group, working closely with HSLDA, they have requested the school committee change its policy rather than give up liberties they have previously enjoyed. While the situation in Plymouth is far from resolved, the courage and conviction of these families has made real change possible for that district.