June 28, 2004
Breakthrough in Braintree

On May 11, 2004 HSLDA reported how Brendan Flask [not his real name] was not allowed to homeschool because his home education proposal "did not support a free and appropriate public education." HSLDA attorney Scott Somerville flew to Massachusetts to meet with the family and school officials, who agreed to postpone the special education hearings to reconsider the family's original plan.

After reviewing Massachusetts homeschool law and considering the issues that had been raised at the pre-hearing conference of the Department of Education, the attorneys who advised Braintree Public Schools recommended that the district review the family's home education proposal as if it were any other proposal, rather than forcing the family to jump through additional hoops because the child had been identified as having special needs. On June 11, 2004, the assistant superintendent for Braintree Public Schools officially approved the Flask family's plan.

Braintree Public Schools still has concerns about their potential liability with respect to the special education laws, but all parties are willing to work together to eliminate those concerns. While Braintree has not yet officially dropped their hearing in this matter, things are looking up for Brendan. With your prayers and God's help, we hope to be able to report in the near future that the school district will drop all legal proceedings.