May 29, 2003

Boxborough Troubles Continue

As members of every Massachusetts statewide homeschool organization prepare to meet with the Department of Education to discuss homeschool guidelines, Boxborough continues to illustrate why so many homeschoolers are dissatisfied with the current system. The Boxborough School Committee met on May 8, 2003 to review " Attorney's Suggested Language for Amending Home School Policy." Despite many months of involvement by local homeschoolers, no homeschooler had advanced warning that their freedom would be a subject of discussion at this open meeting.

Homeschoolers in that town have sought to deal with a difficult situation by making sure the School Committee understood their concerns with the local school officials. Families had requested the School Committee to act directly on their home education proposals, instead of leaving their families' freedom up to a single employee of the district. Boxborough's proposed policy changes are troubling, systematically eliminating a family's right to include the School Committee in the "approval" process. Instead of bringing these problems out into the full light of day, the Boxborough policy would bury the problem.

Fortunately, Boxborough's homeschoolers have demonstrated their ability to work hard and work together. The homeschool community refuses to be overlooked when government officials are creating rules which apply to homeschoolers.

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