January 27, 2012

Opportunity to Nominate Young Leaders in Louisiana

The Louisiana Legislative Youth Advisory Council (LYAC) is a 21-member body that was created in 2007 by the state legislature. Its purpose is to facilitate communication between the members of the state legislature and the youth of Louisiana. Students that participate have a unique opportunity to be involved in making sure that their peers are represented and have a voice in the workings of the Louisiana government.

The LYAC is now seeking to honor some young leaders from around the state. If you are interested in nominating a special young person who stands out in leadership, patriotism, service to the community, and serves as a positive example to other young people, the LYAC would like to hear from you!

Nominees must be between 14 and 19 years of age, and be a resident of Louisiana. Louisiana students from any school, including homeschools, are eligible for nomination.

Anyone may nominate a young person. To make the nomination, you simply need to fill out the form, and attach at least one letter of recommendation from someone other than yourself. The deadline for submitting a nomination is February 29, 2012.