March 6, 2008

School Demands Records

This winter, a Home School Legal Defense Association member family in Clay County was contacted by the public school district's Pupil Personnel office. The school requested that the Carr family (name changed to protect privacy) submit “samples of work, grades, and attendance” for their two children. Since the family had submitted their notice to the school district within two weeks of the beginning of the school year, they contact HSLDA for help.

Staff Attorney Thomas Schmidt informed the family that since they had submitted their notice to the school district as required, they were presumed to be operating a bona fide school. Under the Best Practices document developed by state homeschool leaders and the Kentucky Directors of Pupil Personnel, homeschool parents do not need to submit any additional information if they submit their notice on time.

A family should only need to provide documentation of the scholarship reports and attendance records they have been keeping when the local school district has evidence that the family is not operating a bona fide school. If the family files their notice after the first two weeks of the school year, the school district may request this documentation as well.

After having written a letter to the school district, HSLDA is pleased to report that the member family was left alone.