February 24, 2006

Declaration of Participation Forms

Homeschoolers all across Kentucky have been receiving "Declaration of Participation" forms. Some of the more common forms are in reference to Title II, Part A (Teacher Quality), Title II Part D (Education Technology), Title IV (Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities), and Title V (Innovative Programs). These are federal programs that provide funds to private schools based upon their enrollment and participation in the various federal programs.

Despite some claims to the contrary by several local school districts, there is no need for homeschoolers to complete these forms and they can be disregarded. Alternatively you may send a simple note to school officials notifying them that you will not be participating in any of these programs.

Homeschool families in Kentucky tend to receive these forms from their local school district due to the fact that homeschools technically are private schools under state law. Since private schools are eligible to participate in several of these federal programs, each public school district is required to notify them of this "opportunity." However, there is no legal obligation for a homeschool program to participate or even declare that they decline to participate.

If a member family has any questions about any forms or documents received from the local school district please don't hesitate to contact us.