November 17, 2005

State Agency Acknowledges Homeschool Diploma

Homeschool graduate Jasmine Armstrong* was well known by the owners of a day care center. When an opening arose for a teacher, the day care operators were eager for Jasmine to take the position.Jasmine applied for the opening and her paperwork was forwarded to the Kansas agency which regulates day care centers. The agency's regional administrator reviewed the paperwork and decided Jasmine could not have the job because her high school diploma was signed by her parents. We called the administrator to help this member family. Although we convinced her that the regulations only require a teacher to have a "high school diploma," she refused to relent. We followed up with a letter carefully explaining to her that she was acting contrary to the agency's own regulations in refusing to recognize Jasmine's diploma since it was lawfully issued by a registered, home-based, non-accredited private school.The administrator forwarded our letter to the agency's legal staff. They agreed with HSLDA and told the administrator that Jasmine's diploma was valid. Therefore, her employment application should move forward.With the end of the agency's obstruction, Jasmine's application for the open position was quickly accepted. She is now joyfully teaching young children in the Wichita area.

* Names changed to protect the family's privacy