October 19, 2010

Headline Mischaracterized Pastor’s Position on Homeschooling

Last week we distributed our response to a column written by Senior Pastor Tom Stein of Christ Presbyterian Church in Richmond, Indiana. We entitled the article “Response to Outrageous Attack on Homeschooling.” The implication of the title is that Pastor Stein is opposed to homeschooling and is therefore, on the attack against homeschooling. This is a misrepresentation of Pastor Stein’s position on homeschooling, and we publicly apologize to Pastor Stein for this mischaracterization.

However, we disagree with the pastor’s position that the government needs to regulate homeschooling via “submission of a curriculum, occasional visits and participation in the standardized tests.”

Read Pastor Stein’s original column and our response >>

Unfortunately, these views on homeschool regulation are shared by those who are the strongest homeschool critics. HSLDA’s position on further government regulation of homeschooling will remain the same; we believe that homeschoolers have earned the right to be left alone and that the government needs to focus on the failed government school system.

In light of the above, we have changed the title of the original article from “Response to Outrageous Attack on Homeschooling” to “Response to Proposal to Increase Supervision of Homeschooling.”