July 18, 2007

Homeschool Dad Wins State Senate Seat

Is the only purpose of Home School Legal Defense Association to sue states if they “promulgate rules or standards that may guide home schooling?” That is what Brenda Sullivan, City Treasurer-Clerk of Columbus, Indiana, said in a letter to the editor of The Republic during last fall’s senate race in Indiana’s 41st District.

Sullivan’s letter criticized homeschool dad and senate candidate Greg Walker, whom she identified as a “self-proclaimed member” of HSLDA. She announced her support for Walker’s opponent, Democrat Terry Coriden, in the November election. Coriden was also publicly endorsed by the social workers union and the teachers union.

So what is the true purpose of HSLDA? Education Week said it best:

“Home School Legal Defense Association has helped move such schooling [home schooling] out of the shadows and pushed states to codify parents’ right to teach their children themselves.”

Even this, of course, does not cover the full scope of our advocacy on behalf of homeschool parents, but it’s far closer to the mark than Sullivan’s statement.

Her efforts were fruitless. Walker beat Coriden in the November election and has joined the ranks of homeschoolers who have served in the Indiana General Assembly.