April 13, 2006

Press Gets it Wrong in Indiana

The press in Indiana seems to be on a campaign lately to mislead the public into believing home educators can do anything they want.

For example, two news agencies published an article about homeschooling which said, "State law ... fails to provide for any means of enforcement." Similar comments have been published elsewhere.

The press seems to want the public to rise up in indignation and do something about this alleged lack of enforcement.

The truth is that the law already demands accountability for homeschools. Indiana Code 20-33-2-28(b) requires parents whose children do not attend public school to provide "instruction equivalent to that given in the public schools." Parents who don't can be taken to court, and judges have ample power to make sure the parents comply with the law.

So next time you hear an uninformed person talk about how home educators can do anything they want, politely correct them by pointing out this law and explaining that homeschool families have a legal duty to give their children an education comparable to a public school education. Judges can, and do, enforce the law.

As a postscript, we have exchanged several emails with the author of the article quoted above. To date, she has not acknowledged her error.

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