June 27, 2011

Daytime Curfew Defeated in Carlinville

Alert homeschool mom Terri Koyne called HSLDA around noon on Friday, January 14, and told us that Carlinville (Macoupin County) was going to vote on a daytime curfew ordinance on Monday the 17th.

With short notice, we set to work immediately. HSLDA sent out an e-lert to area homeschoolers that afternoon asking them to contact members of the board of aldermen and attend the Monday meeting.

At the meeting—which was full to capacity with homeschool families—Koyne read the board of aldermen a letter from HSLDA Senior Counsel Scott Woodruff. She delivered a copy of an HSLDA legal brief on daytime curfews to the board, and delivered her own powerful statement in defense of freedom. Other homeschool parents spoke against the curfew as well.

Then the moment of the climactic vote arrived. As the votes were tallied, the “against” aldermen prevailed, and the standing-room only crowd erupted in spontaneous celebration.

Families should remember the names of aldermen Mark Stark, Brian Mitchell and Sonny Albertine. They voted in favor of the ordinance.

Congratulations go to the many freedom-loving parents in Carlinville. By springing into action quickly and taking ownership of the issue, you stopped this attack on the basic freedom of moving about in the daytime.