October 25, 2010

Franklin-Williamson Regional Office Backs Off

After sending a letter explaining that her children were withdrawing from public school and would be attending a home-based private school, the Franklin-Williamson Regional Office of Education sent a letter to HSLDA member Angie Robb (name changed to protect her privacy) asking to review her curriculum.

It also asked her to set up an appointment and bring in for inspection “all records, test scores, and materials that are being used to provide home instruction.”

It ended with a threat:

“If we do not hear from you within 10 days [we] will consider your child as being truant, till we have proof of the education that is being provided.”

HSLDA prepared a letter on Angie’s behalf. The letter explained that none of the demands of the Regional Office were lawful. It also pointed out that initiating prosecution against a family when there is no evidence they are violating the law raises significant ethical issues. Finally, the letter noted that it is not a family's burden to prove their own innocence.

Ten days passed. Weeks passed. No legal action was taken against the family. And the Regional Office never replied.