August 20, 2009

University Cancels Homeschooler’s Acceptance

Timothy Williams (name changed to protect privacy) was delighted to receive word that he was not only accepted as a student at Robert Morris University (RMU), but also accepted into their athletics program and honors program. He was all set to leave home for his freshman orientation when the admissions office called and abruptly cancelled his admission.

The college official informed the Williams family, who are members of Home School Legal Defense Association, that they could not accept the homeschool transcript. The official said they needed to submit an accredited transcript, a GED score, or an RMU placement test score. With their son’s acceptance on the line, the Williams family called HSLDA.

After reviewing the facts and documents, Staff Attorney Scott Woodruff quickly sent a letter to the admissions department explaining that their actions could be construed as discriminatory and were clearly out of line with federal law. Federal law allows homeschoolers to self-certify their diplomas for purposes of financial aid.

When Woodruff’s letter arrived, university officials immediately held a meeting. The next day, the Williams family received a call from RMU’s admissions department. They apologized for their action and reinstated Timothy’s acceptance into the college, the sports program, and the honors program.