June 19, 2008

Superintendent Demands New Homeschooler Attend ‘Compliance Meeting’

The Fall family (name changed to protect privacy) recently moved from Texas to Illinois and enrolled their children in public school. One of the Falls’ children’s Individual Education Plan was not complied with, so the Falls removed that child from public school in order to homeschool her. Mrs. Fall signed a letter stating that she was in compliance with Illinois homeschooling law. The Falls became members of the Home School Legal Defense Association.

Regardless of taking all the right steps to homeschool her daughter, Mrs. Fall was told this April that she was required to have a “compliance meeting” with the Regional Superintendent of Schools. She was told that if she did not attend this meeting, that she would be turned over to a truancy officer. She was also told that if her daughter was found to not be at the academic level officials deemed necessary, or if the curriculum was not satisfactory, that they would send a truant officer after her.

The Falls turned to HSLDA for help. HSLDA Senior Counsel Chris Klicka wrote a letter to the superintendent explaining that their requirements were burdensome and unnecessary. He assured the superintendent that the Falls were following all the Illinois homeschool requirements and for this reason would not be attending the “compliance meeting.”

The superintendent has not contacted the Falls since.