June 11, 2007

Homeschool Family Receives Several Calls a Day from Authorities

When an Illinois Home School Legal Defense Association member family withdrew their two children from their respective public schools to begin homeschooling them, the family started to receive numerous phone calls from Alton County school officials—up to several phone calls each day! In addition to the badgering phone calls, school officials threatened the family with truancy if they did not sign additional paperwork.

The family contacted HSLDA, explaining that they had already sent notices to the public schools that their children would be withdrawn in order to be homeschooled, and that there should be no reason for the public schools to keep contacting them.

HSLDA Attorney Chris Klicka sent a letter to each school demanding that the phone calls be stopped, or school officials could be held personally liable for harassment. Klicka also indicated in the letter that the family was following state homeschool law and had no legal obligation to sign the paperwork requested. Finally, Klicka told the school in his letter that the family was declining to sign the paperwork and that all responses should be directed to him instead of the family.

Needless to say, the schools have not tried contacting the family since. The family has been enjoying their newfound peace and quiet through their homeschool program.