February 26, 2007

School District Demands Interview and Curriculum Approval

The Louis* family decided to homeschool their son and withdraw him from public school over Christmas vacation. Their homeschool program was to begin in January. When the Louis family indicated as much to the public school, they were informed that in order to homeschool, Mrs. Louis would have to meet with them and have her curriculum approved.

Having recently joined the Home School Legal Defense Association, Mrs. Louis called for help. HSLDA staff informed Mrs. Louis that the demands being made by local public school officials were not supported by Illinois law and that HSLDA would inform the school of the illegality of their request.

HSLDA sent a letter to officials telling them the public school has no jurisdiction over a homeschooler, and that the Louis family declined to comply with their demand for a meeting and curriculum inspection.

The Louis family’s experience should serve as an example to all family who are homeschooling or planning to homeschool. If local public school officials seek to meet with you and review your curriculum, you do not need to comply, and should contact our offices immediately.

*Name changed to protect family’s privacy.