February 17, 2012

HSLDA Involvement Produces Quick Results

A Georgia member, Ms. Simmons (names changed to protect privacy) joined Home School Legal Defense Association in January 2012 and withdrew her two daughters from public school. Because her elementary-aged children suffered intense health problems, requiring them to miss many days of school, homeschooling was the only way in which they could reasonably learn.

Unfortunately, the local school decided to pursue a truancy investigation against Ms. Simmons after she withdrew her children. The Albany district attorney summoned Ms. Simmons to a scheduled meeting, saying that she should attend in order to avoid truancy charges being filed against her.

Instead, Ms. Simmons called HSLDA. We immediately contacted the district attorney on her behalf. We pointed out that Ms. Simmons had withdrawn her children to homeschool in compliance with Georgia law and argued that the scheduled meeting was unnecessary. Within half an hour of receiving HSLDA’s fax, the district attorney canceled the meeting and withdrew their threat of truancy charges.

Ms. Simmons emailed us: “We appreciate the work that the attorneys did for us ….Because of your help we did not have to attend the meeting with the [district attorney] and the school board. We also feel that we were well-prepared and the attorneys/legal assistant were excellent with providing general guidance and clarification on what we would need. Thanks again from a new homeschooling family.”