August 19, 2009

At First, Family Denied Health Insurance Coverage

The Brown family’s first year of membership with HSLDA came in handy when they were denied health insurance coverage for their 19-year-old son. The Browns received notice they were being audited by the husband’s employer and that the company needed proof that their son was still in school. After rejecting parental certification and a verification letter written by Home School Legal Defense Association Staff Attorney Thomas Schmidt, HSLDA began to enquire further.

After being contacted by Mr. Schmidt and then conversing with the employer’s human resources department, the family was told that their son would be covered for another year. The employer recognized the certification of a homeschool program as proof of a valid school program, at least for this year.

HSLDA will continue to follow this issue, as there is some information that the company may change their overall policy on what they deem is sufficient documentation to demonstrate what is a valid educational program. While a private company can change their eligibility requirements for health insurance, HLSDA will continue to advocate on behalf of homeschool families so that private home education programs will be recognized as a valid educational program.