April 9, 2008

Member Obtains Cancellation of Portfolio Review

One of our Florida Home School Legal Defense Association member families received a letter from the Glades County School District, dated January 28, 2008, requesting a portfolio review of their two students, Hannah and Seth.

The family called HSLDA to learn what the law required and what they should do. Senior Counsel Chris Klicka told them not to worry, and that he would respond to the letter on their behalf.

Klicka then wrote the school district, acknowledging that the officials had a legal right to require the portfolio review but requesting that the portfolio review be canceled. Klicka simply directed their attention to the portion of the Florida homeschool statute which indicates that the school district is not required to inspect the portfolio.

Klicka’s letter assured the school district that the family was providing a quality education for Hannah and Seth. He let the district know that the family was respectfully requesting that officials cancel their portfolio review, but that the family would continue to teach their children thoroughly, efficiently, and in compliance with the Florida homeschool law.

After receiving the letter from Klicka, the school district did not require the portfolio review from the family.