District of Columbia
District of Columbia

May 6, 2011

National Zoo Offers Classes for Homeschool Students

The National Zoo in Washington, D.C. is offering classes for homeschool students in May and June. These classes will look at different animals, focusing on their habitats and why certain features help them in their natural environments.

The classes are taught by Sydney Jacobs, who homeschooled her children for 12 years. You can view class descriptions online, or contact Ms. Jacobs for more information through the National Zoo’s online email system.

There are different classes for different ages. You need a minimum of six students in the age range of the class to register. The classes cost $140–180 per session for six students (an additional six students can be added for $20 each). If you are a member of the Friends of the National Zoo you can receive a discount on these classes. Please note that evolutionary philosophies may come up in these discussions; if you are concerned by this you may want to discuss this with your children before you attend.