August 17, 2009

Family Resists Intrusive Request for Personal Information

HSLDA member family, the Warrens (name changed to protect privacy), recently received a letter from the Boulder Valley School District demanding that they complete a form letter of intent and file it with the school district by August 18, 2009. The letter of intent provided by the district was intrusive and asked for information above and beyond what Colorado law requires.

Colorado law sets forth no specific deadline for filing the notice but merely requires that families submit the notification to the school district 14 days prior to the start of their homeschool program. The Warrens were concerned that compliance with the school district demands might set a precedent that could cause problems in the future. They promptly contacted Home School Legal Defense Association for assistance.

Staff Attorney Michael Donnelly reviewed the documents received by the Warrens from the school district and quickly confirmed the members’ concerns. The school district was acting beyond its statutory authority, attempting to obtain information and impose deadlines. HSLDA sent a letter to the Boulder Valley School District explaining Colorado law and the legislative limitations on the district’s authority.

After our letter to the school district, the Warrens proceeded to file a notice of intent form provided by HSLDA. This member family has had no further contact from the Boulder Valley School District.