September 10, 2003

Colorado School District Apologizes After Exceeding Law

The Home School Legal Defense Association assists many members at the beginning of the school year. This is typically when school districts contact homeschool families regarding their notice of intent form. We find that many times, school officials are completely unfamiliar with the state's homeschool law.

For example, in Cheraw Consolidated School District, the district has demanded that each homeschool family fill out their form, which asks for information not required by law. The form includes requests for social security numbers, place of birth, gender, home phone, grade, racial identity, date and place of birth of parents, parents' employer and employer's address, and work phone.

HSLDA wrote to Cheraw district exposing their error and insisting on an immediate correction. To the school district's credit, HSLDA quickly received an apology letter from the district's attorney who explained that the form was based on information that the school collects on its own public school students. He admitted that this information need not be supplied by homeschool families and profusely apologized.

"This letter confirms to you that the District has discontinued sending the letters which you wrote about, and I am also authorized to send the District's sincere apologies for this unintentional problem which has now been resolved."

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