September 10, 2003

Colorado School District Tries to Enforce Law Repealed 15 Years Ago!

After working to protect homeschoolers from over zealous school districts since 1983, we thought we had seen everything! Believe it or not, the Eaton School District in Colorado has sent a packet of information to homeschoolers that is based on a law that was repealed over fifteen years ago!

Eaton's notification forms require parents to submit an instructional plan for each child, annual evaluations by a certified teacher, a list of instructional materials to be used, a calendar indicating a minimum of 688 hours, or a brief outline of educational objectives. None of this information has been required since the re-writing of the homeschool law in 1988. Since that time, families are only required to send in the name, age, place of residence, and number of hours of attendance of each child.

HSLDA Senior Counsel Chris Klicka wrote to Eaton School District and explained that their request for information was based on an outdated law and was not legal. He requested that the district revise their information packet immediately so as not to mislead any new homeschoolers.

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