January 12, 2011

School Officials Assert Authority They Don’t Have

Private schools in California are unable to file the private school affidavit prior to October 15 because the Department of Education controls when the affidavit goes online. Couple that with year-round school districts and homeschoolers now encounter more problems than in the past. School districts are claiming that private schools must follow the public school calendar.

The Oakley Union Elementary School District demanded that an HSLDA family produce a private school affidavit covering the period of July and August to show their children were enrolled in school or else the children would be considered truant. Their position was that because the school district started the school year on July 26, the private school was obligated by law to do the same.

Another family in Woodland Hills encountered the same problem when they withdrew their children from the public school at the end of August. The public school demanded a copy of an affidavit because the public school was in session.

HSLDA informed the school districts that California law does not require private schools to follow the local public school district’s school calendar. Additionally, filing the private school affidavit is a “statistical” filing, not an evaluation, recognition, approval, or endorsement of any private school or course.