November 3, 2010

Morongo District Sales Pitch Includes Veiled Threat

In a carefully worded letter to “Parent[s] and/or School Administrator[s],” the Morongo USD notified homeschooling families that if the school district receives a complaint, the school district has an obligation to investigate the parent for violation of compulsory education laws, i.e, truancy. While the school district is correct that they must receive a complaint prior to initiating an investigation, you have to wonder what the purpose of such a threatening letter is.

The motive becomes immediately apparent as the letter goes on to warn parents that their current curriculum may not be in alignment with state standards. The letter then offers independent study through Morongo USD by urging parents “. . . to investigate other educational alternatives which will enable your child(ren) to continue to learn at home.”

By couching their sales pitch in a veiled threat, Morongo USD is obviously hoping to reel in some nervous new homeschoolers. HSLDA wants to assure you that if you receive letters like this from your school district, there’s no reason to be unnerved and convinced that the only safe place to homeschool is in a public-school-at-home program.

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Morongo Unified School District Letter ( requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)