November 11, 2008

Update on College of the Canyons Admission Policy

We have good news to report on our previous article regarding the College of the Canyons admissions policy regarding homeschoolers. In that article we had reported that the College of the Canyons discriminated against homeschoolers in admissions based upon information on the college website. That information indicated that homeschooled students making application for enrollment must be taught by a California certified teacher or be associated with a public school supervised home education program.

This information was incorrect, as the correct information was inadvertently left off the college website. The corrected policy provides: “…or must hold a current private school affidavit filed with the State Superintendent of Public Instruction,” and has been put up on the college website.

The college indicated in a letter to our office that it has an ongoing commitment to homeschool students to provide good service to everyone who applies. In addition, they provide timely response to inquiries regarding their institution and policies and that many years ago the college board waived enrollment fees for those students who are homeschooled. We appreciate the cooperation the college has with homeschool applicants and regret this incorrect information was placed on our website. We thank the college for their quick response to this issue and their prompt correction of the misinformation on their website.