September 8, 2004
Universal Preschool Defeated Again!

HSLDA is posting the following information from a Legislative NEWSFLASH by Roy Hanson and Jim Davis of Family Protection Ministries (FPM).

God has given us a great victory in defeating three bills (SB 432, AB 56, and AB 712), which would have established universal preschool. The universal preschool proposals would have initially been voluntary, but would have served as an incremental step to lowering the compulsory school age to 3, which was attempted in the Washington, DC schools in 2002.

SB 432 died in the Senate Appropriations Committee in January 2004. AB 56 was stopped in the Master Plan for Education Conference Committee on August 25, 2004. AB 712 was first amended with the contents of AB 56 on August 25, 2004, and then gutted on August 27, 2004, deleting the provision of universal preschool. The Legislature adjourned August 28, 2004.

Thank you for contacting your legislators with your opposition to universal preschool.

No further action is necessary on these bills.

We appreciate working closely with FPM on issues of concern to homeschoolers in California. Thanks to each of you who support the important work of Family Protection Ministries with your donations and prayers.