October 28, 2005

Family Receives Visit from Superintendent

A Home School Legal Defense Association member family in Yavapai County recently received a visit from the county superintendent because he had received a report that their child had special needs.

After recovering from the shock of the sudden appearance of the superintendent, the member calmly asked a few questions to determine why he was on their doorstep. Apparently, a neighbor had called the superintendent to complain that the child was not in public school. The neighbor also believed that the parents could not adequately educate a child with special needs.

Under Arizona law there is no prohibition against a parent teaching a child with special needs at home. In fact, parents are often in the best position to provide just what the child needs. There are many great resources for parents who are seeking to teach a child with special needs and HSLDA can help you in your quest to provide the right educational environment for your child.

After hearing the report from the county superintendent the member declined his offer of services and assured him that the child’s needs were being adequately met at home. HSLDA does not expect any further difficulties from the county. Remember, if you receive a visit at your home from a public school official, and need assistance, please call HSLDA.