May 21, 2003

Arizona Welfare Hassles Homeschooler

Colleen Anchor (not her real name) has an ex-husband who is behind on his child support payments. She also has eight children, and is teaching all of them at home. Although her family saves the state of Arizona almost fifty thousand dollars every year in public school costs, the Arizona Department of Economic Security is about to cut her welfare support unless she gets a court order signed by a judge as proof of homeschooling.

Arizona has an excellent homeschool law, but that has never protected the most vulnerable families from bureaucratic tyranny. HSLDA routinely assists single parents, families with special needs children, and other disadvantaged homeschoolers who face arbitrary government demands. By working together, homeschoolers across Arizona can make sure that every homeschooler is treated with respect.

The Anchor family chose to join HSLDA, despite their very limited means. The Homeschool Foundation ( makes it possible for families with little money to belong to HSLDA. The Foundation also offers curriculum scholarships to widows, special needs assistance, and other help for homeschoolers facing hard times. Each family that joins HSLDA or contributes to the Home School Foundation helps hardworking homeschoolers like Colleen Anchor.