August 27, 2002
Virginia Offers License Plate for Home Schoolers

Home Schoolers in Virginia can now order home school Virginia vehicle license plates - the first of its kind in the nation - with the motto "Education Begins At Home." To make this happen, the Home Education Association of Virginia (HEAV) must collect at least 350 pre-paid applications. Plates are usually issued 6-8 weeks after DMV has received the group applications.

HEAV has been designated by the Virginia DMV to collect the applications and $10 special plate fee for this plate.

The cost of the plate is $10 per year in addition to the registration fee for the vehicle. A random numbering system will be used unless you would like to personalize your home-school plate with an alphanumeric combination of your choice (additional $10 fee).

You may pay the $10 fee by credit card (Visa or MC) or check (made payable to HEAV). Here is the link to the DMV form.

IMPORTANT! After printing the "Application for Communiplates," mail the completed form and $10.00 fee, to:

Attn: License Plate
P.O. Box 6745
Richmond, VA 23230-0745

Note: The back page of the DMV form gives instructions to mail the application to DMV in Richmond. This refers to plates that are already available. Also, if paying by check, be sure you make the check payable to HEAV. New license plates can only be issued via an organization authorized by DMV. HEAV will, in turn, write one check to accompany the application for this plate.