July 17, 2001
Home Schoolers Win Significant Victory

Fourteen years after Minnesota's home school law was enacted, forces that want to restrict home schoolers made their first attempt to change the law. Senate File 866 made numerous technical changes to Minnesota's Education Code, including two new requirements for home schoolers. First, home school parents would have to prove that they had at least a high school diploma. Second, home schoolers who are required to give their children an annual standardized achievement test would now have to submit those tests to the public school for collection, review, and approval.

Home School Legal Defense Association and Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators (MACHE) mobilized their membership to call the Senate and oppose the home school section of S.F. 866. In addition to calling the Senate to voice their opinion, hundreds made their presence known at the Senate Education Committee hearing on March 21.

The presence of these home schoolers, and the testimonies of HSLDA Senior Counsel Christopher Klicka, Roger Schurke of MACHE, and Tom Prichard of the Minnesota Family Counsel, persuaded the committee to remove both the high school diploma requirement and the testing requirement.