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 Headlines (2015 Archive)

German (and U.S.) Federal Policy Claims Another Homeschool Family Victim
August 28, 2015: A mom imprisoned by U.S. immigration authorities and her deported son are the latest tragic tale of German homeschoolers attempting to flee persecution.

Homeschoolers v. Germany
May 26, 2015: The German high court believes that children belong to the state. But the United States Supreme Court affirms that children are free individuals under the care and tutelage of their parents. Which is it?

German parents could face years in prison if they continue homeschooling
May 1, 2015: Four years in prison for homeschooling? Dirk and Petra Wunderlich were fined and warned of a prison sentence in their latest court appearance.

Seven Days in Jail
February 10, 2015: Claudia Brunner from Oberickelsheim, Germany was imprisoned for not sending her son to school.

A Mother Wants to Teach Her Son at Home—And is Threatened with Arrest
January 3, 2015: A family in Oberickelsheim has been educating their 8-year-old son at home and is now being threatened by local officials.