German parents could face years in prison if they continue homeschooling
May 1, 2015: Four years in prison for homeschooling? Dirk and Petra Wunderlich were fined and warned of a prison sentence in their latest court appearance.

Supreme Court: Homeschooling Criminal—Families Vow Resistance
December 9, 2014: After their children were taken into custody for homeschooling, one German family vowed to fight on for freedom. This week HSLDA’s director of global outreach goes on a mission to bring relief to a beleaguered homeschool movement. Mike Farris says this fight is important and shows how fragile freedom can be.

Wunderlichs regain freedom to leave but vow to stay and fight
August 28, 2014: A German family has vowed to keep homeschooling now that an appeals court has returned legal custody of their children.

Legislature Passes Romeike Resolution
April 28, 2014: The Tennessee General Assembly has passed a resolution calling on Congress to help ensure the Romeike family is granted asylum in the United States.

Homeschooling Congressmen Meet German Ambassador to Talk Freedom
April 15, 2014: Several U.S. congressmen—who also homeschooled their children—met with the German ambassador to discuss home education and ways to help homeschoolers in Germany.

Is Homeschooling a Window into the Soul of a Nation? What Does Romeike Really Mean?
April 4, 2014: A central issue in the case remains unsettled. Is Germany’s treatment of homeschoolers persecution? Although our judiciary says no, the executive branch issued an indefinite stay of deportation—suggesting maybe yes.

 Country Information

Compulsory attendance: 6-18 (inclusive; in some states, the age has changed from 6 to 5)

Legal status of homeschooling: Homeschooling is not permitted.

Number of Homeschoolers: There are about 400 home school families. Almost all are operating underground or are in court.

 Germany Resources

New Strategy for Securing Homeschool Freedom in Germany
Homeschooling: Pluralistic Freedom, Not Parallel Society
United Nations Report on Education Rights in Germany (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
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Wunderlich Case—Latest Updates
Documentary film about the Dudek and Neubronners families Nov. 30, 2009 (In German)
Romeike Family Seeks Asylum—Video Translation
Video News Story about Dudek Trial Nov. 19, 2009 (In German)
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