Czech Republic
Czech Republic

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 Country Information

Compulsory attendance age: 6-15

Legal status of home schooling: Homeschooling is legal. The new education law of Jan 2005 (Act 561/2004 Coll. § 41, the School Act) establishes home education as one of the legal educational options. Any family may apply for a permit to homeschool their children for primary school, ages 6-11. It is also possible to homeschool for the lower secondary years, ages 12-15, though this is currently in an “experimental mode” from 2008-2011. The Czech Republic also places teacher qualifications, curriculum, and testing requirements upon homeschoolers.

Estimated number of home schoolers: 500 families

 Contact Information

Asociace pro domácí vzdělávání (ADV)
Czech Assocation of Home Schooling
+420 723 253 023

Last Updated: January 20, 2015