Brazil: Families Hope for a Homeschool Amendment
July 31, 2012: After a decade of fines and court cases for homeschooling, families in Brazil are hopeful as the climate steadily improves.

Persecuted Homeschoolers Wow Brazilians
June 1, 2012: Homeschoolers are drawing positive attention in Brazil by winning numerous prizes in academic contests.

Triumph of the State over Family: Brazilian Congress Reinforces Ban on Homeschooling
November 1, 2011: Brazil’s National Congress rejects for the third time a bill that would have authorized a parent’s right to choose to home educate their children.

Homeschooling in Brazil: An Introduction
March 7, 2011: A second generation homeschooler relates his experiences growing up in Brazil as a missionary kid and the recent founding of Brazil’s first national homeschool organization.

LifSiteNews.com: Brazilian Couple Receive Criminal Conviction for Homeschooling
March 26, 2010: Despite the fact that his children passed difficult government imposed tests, and even qualified for law school at the ages of 13 and 14, homeschooler Cleber Nunes and his wife Bernadeth have been slapped with fines equivalent to a total of $3,200 for refusing to submit their children to the Brazilian school system.

Homeschooling Bill in the Brazilian House of Representatives
February 5, 2010: A bill now in the Brazilian congress would authorize homeschooling, but would subject it to the same controls and oversight as public education.

LifeSiteNews.com: Brazilian Homeschoolers Score Surprise Victory in Showdown Against Government
In a surprise victory against government officials who sought to prosecute a homeschooling family for refusing to participate in the public school system, David and Jonatas Nunes have passed tests proving a high level of knowledge in a variety of subjects.

Last Days Watchman: Persecution in Brazil—Challenges and sufferings in the Brazilian homeschooling movement
Josue Bueno, his wife and their 9 children were ordered to submit to psychological treatment under social workers. Because of their homeschooling practices, state officials also threatened to remove their children.

LifeSiteNews.com: Homeschooling Showdown in Brazil—Children to be Tested by Court in Battle Over Educational Rights of Parents
Two homeschooled children face a battery of tests this week in a showdown between the Brazilian government and a Christian family over the educational rights of parents in the South American nation.

Last Days Watchman: Homeschooling in the Brazilian Congress
Recently Rep. Henrique Afonso introduced in the Brazilian Congress a bill intended to expand the freedom of parents to homeschool their children.

The Right to Choose Home Education in Brazil

From Chris Klicka to Brazilian Embassy official

Brazilian Embassy Official's Response to Chris Klicka About Home Schooling

Julio Severo's Response to the Brazilian Embassy

Home Schoolers in Brazil Need Your Help

Brazil's Home—schooling Ban Draws Outcry from U.S. Group

Brazil parents seek freedom to home school

Republic Protects Freedoms of Minority

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Number of homeschoolers: 700 families

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