Common Core in Michigan:
Common Core State Academic Standards

Michigan adopted the Common Core immediately after its release. However, early in the summer of 2013, the state legislature approved a state budget that barred any state funding from being used to implement the Common Core for fiscal year 2014. Implementation was paused for the 2013–14 school year, but on October 29, 2013, the State Senate approved a resolution reauthorizing the implementation of the Common Core.

Common Core Implementation Status

1. Teacher Professional Development
2. Curriculum Guides
or Instructional Materials
3. Teacher Evaluation

New Curriculum

State designs frameworks

State provides frameworks

State designs guides

State provides guides

Local districts only

New Assessments

PARCC member

SBAC member

ACT Aspire

Developing own CC-aligned assessments

SBAC assessments were piloted in Michigan in the 2012–13 school year. They are scheduled for use in every Michigan school in spring 2015.

New Expenditures

New expenditures required to implement the Common Core

Current annual education expenditures

Race to the Top Phase 2 award

(State is not a Race to the Top recipient.)

Education Database Status

P-20 development required by state law

State is capable of having a P-20 database

State has access to homeschool students’ data

Potential Impacts on Homeschooling

State currently requires homeschoolers to take state-prescribed tests and report their scores

Homeschoolers must file notice of intent to homeschool

For a quick summary on the direct impacts of the Common Core in Michigan, see this document.

Common Core Legislation

HB 4276 was introduced in February 2013, but in the flurry of the budget delaying implementation and then the reversal of this decision, the bill has not been acted upon for several months.


Local Action Groups

Advocates and Opponents in Michigan

Representative McMillin
Opposes CC

Representative Hooker
Opposes CC

Representative McBroom
Opposes CC

Representative Somerville
Opposes CC

Representative Howrylak
Opposes CC

Superintendent Flanagan
Supports CC

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