Common Core in Alabama:
Alabama College and Career Ready Initiative

By the 2013–14 school year, Alabama had fully incorporated the Common Core English language arts and mathematics standards into its curriculum. Alabama will employ ACT Aspire examinations, which are based entirely on the Common Core.

Common Core Implementation Status

1. Teacher Professional Development
2. Curriculum Guides
or Instructional Materials
3. Teacher Evaluation

New Curriculum

State designs frameworks

State provides frameworks

State designs guides

State provides guides

Local districts only

New Assessments

PARCC member

SBAC member

ACT Aspire

Developing own CC-aligned assessments

New Expenditures

New expenditures required to implement the Common Core

Current annual education expenditures

Race to the Top Phase 2 award

(State is not a Race to the Top recipient.)

Education Database Status

P-20 development required by state law

State is capable of having a P-20 database

State has access to homeschool students’ data

Potential Impacts on Homeschooling

State currently requires homeschoolers to take state-prescribed tests and report their scores

Homeschoolers must file notice of intent to homeschool

Common Core Legislation

SB 403 and HB 254 were introduced in 2013. These bills would have prevented the Alabama Board of Education from implementing the Common Core, but they failed to pass in the Senate and in House committee. SB 443 would allow schools to opt out of Common Core, but this was also voted down.


SB 380, introduced by State Senator Scott Beason, ends the Common Core in Alabama while reverting to prior methods of study and measurement.


In March 2015, SB 101 was introduced with the goal of re-establishing control over education in Alabama to state and local agencies. The bill would terminate the Common Core standards entirely, reverting to Alabama's pre-2008 standards.


Local Action Groups

Advocates and Opponents in Alabama

Senator Beason
Opposes CC

Senator Williams
Supports CC

Senator McGill
Opposes CC

Representative Barton
Opposes CC

Representative Henry
Opposes CC

Representative Long
Opposes CC

Representative Sessions
Opposes CC

Senator Marsh
Supports CC

Opposes CC
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