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4/16/2014Calls Needed to Protect Parental Freedom
4/14/2014Maine--Please Call Governor LePage to Stop Government Preschools
4/10/2014Calling Homeschool Young Scientists: Special Invitation to USA STEM Festival
4/7/2014Kansas--Tax Relief Falls Just Short
4/4/2014Kansas: Email Key Members TONIGHT on Tax Reduction, Common Core Provisions
4/4/2014Calls Needed Urgently--Tax Reduction for Home, Private Educators Within Sight!
4/4/2014Parent's Rights Rejected by Colorado Senate
4/3/2014Pennsylvania: Update on Homeschool Bill
4/3/2014Urgent: Keep Calling for Tax Relief
4/2/2014Urgent: Call Now for Property Tax Relief for Homeschools and Private Schools
4/1/2014New Mexico: Reminder to Submit Annual Notice of Intent
4/1/2014Minnesota: Calls Needed to Oppose House Bill 826
3/31/2014Hear Rep. Hultgren Discuss "State of Homeschooling" Tonight
3/28/2014Mississippi: Calls Urgently Needed to Pass Religious Freedom Bill
3/28/2014Action Needed--Amendment Threatens Parental Freedom
3/27/2014Action Required to Defeat Increase in Compulsory School Age
3/27/2014More Action Needed to Restore Parental Rights
3/26/2014Pennsylvania--Lobby for Homeschool Bill
3/21/2014Call Now to Support Parental Rights Bill
3/21/2014Louisiana: Senate Bill 72--Lowering Standard in Family Court Petitions
3/21/2014Only a Few Weeks Left to Register for Science & Faith Conference
3/20/2014Continue to Fight to Protect Parental Freedom
3/20/2014Iowa--Terrific College Scholarships Available
3/19/2014Mike Farris in OK City to Debate Convention of the States
3/17/2014Last Call for HSLDA High School Event in Asheville, NC!
3/17/2014Virginia--Buckingham County Update
3/13/2014More Action Needed to Protect Parental Freedom
3/12/2014Alabama -- Calls Needed to Stop Violation of Parental Rights
3/11/2014Arizona Call to Action--Vote Scheduled this Wednesday
3/11/2014Alabama: Calls Needed to Pass Homeschool Antidiscrimination Bills
3/10/2014Attend Hearing on Homeschool Bill
3/10/2014Keep Contacting School Board, Attend Wednesday Meeting
3/10/2014Virginia--Caroline County Board Meeting Today at 5:30 p.m.
3/7/2014VIRGINIA--Buckingham Superintendent Remains Defiant--Update
3/6/2014New York: Come to Legislative Day at the Capitol and Put "Liberty on the Line"!
3/6/2014Correction: Action Needed to Protect Parental Freedom
3/5/2014Action Needed to Protect Parental Freedom
3/5/2014Kansas: Call to Protect Freedom, Stop Common Core
3/5/2014Missouri--Urgent: Help Block Long-Term Threat to Homeschool Freedom
3/4/2014Virginia--Act to Protect Faith-based Homeschooling in Buckingham County
2/28/2014Action TODAY Needed to Defeat SF 106
2/27/2014Action Needed to Defeat SF 106
2/27/2014Colorado: Calls Are Working but More Action Needed to Defend Parental Freedom!
2/26/2014California Legislature in Session Again
2/26/2014Iowa--Join Hundreds of Families March 18 for the NICHE Capitol Day!
2/26/2014Virginia--Movement in Caroline County on Religious Exemption
2/25/2014Action Needed NOW to Protect Parental Freedom
2/25/2014Action Needed to Defend Freedom
2/25/2014Action Needed NOW to Protect Parental Freedom
2/25/2014South Dakota--Call Now to Challenge Common Core
2/21/2014Email Your Representative to Support Student Privacy
2/21/2014Iowa: Please Act to Protect New Homeschool Options
2/20/2014Come Hear Luis Palau and Dr. David Jeremiah
2/14/2014Action Requested--Participate in Silent Rally at Capitol Against Common Core
2/14/2014Kansas--Urgent: Block Long-Term Threat to Homeschool Freedom
2/14/2014Your Action Needed to Preserve Wyoming Constitution
2/14/2014Oklahoma: Saving Account Bill Poses no Threat to Home Education
2/13/2014Your Calls and Emails Worked! House Bill 26 Defeated!
2/12/2014Virginia--Statewide Threat to Religious Exemption: Spotlights Needed
2/11/2014Virginia--Caroline County School Board's Surprise!
2/10/2014Join Us Tomorrow at the Capitol
2/10/2014Your Action Needed to Stop Government Intrusion into the Family
2/10/2014Missouri--Please Call Now to Protect Parenting
2/10/2014Senator Graham Takes Leadership against Common Core and for Homeschool Freedom
2/7/2014Washington: Register Now for the 2014 Day at the Capitol!
2/7/2014Virginia--Attend Board Meeting to Protect Religious Freedom in Pittsylvania
2/5/2014PSEO Program Application Information Available
2/4/2014South Dakota--Please Call Immediately to Oppose Attack on Homeschooling Rights
2/4/2014Action Requested on Bill to Study Tuition-Free Community College
2/3/2014Michigan--Reminder: Rally with me in Lansing next week to oppose Common Core!
2/3/2014Oklahoma: We Need You at Capitol Day Next Week, Register Now!
2/3/2014Maine--Let Kids Stay Home: Please Call to Stop Government Preschools
2/3/2014Maine--Act Today: Religious Freedom in the Balance
1/31/2014Virginia: Faith-Based Education Win!
1/30/2014Mississippi: Calls Needed to Support Anti-Common Core Bills
1/30/2014Public Hearing on Legislative Bill 528
1/29/2014I Need You to Join Me in Lansing Next Week to Oppose the Common Core!
1/29/2014Tennessee--Legislature Now in Session
1/29/2014South Carolina--Legislature Now in Session
1/29/2014Georgia--Legislature Now in Session
1/29/2014Delaware--Legislature Now in Session
1/29/2014Alaska--Legislature Now in Session
1/28/2014Mississippi: Calls Needed to Oppose Compulsory Attendance Age Bills
1/28/2014Virginia--Crucial Week to Stop Attack on Faith-Based Homeschooling
1/24/2014Your Calls are Working but More Action Needed to Stop House Bill 4005
1/24/2014Maine--Committee Misses Boat on Religious Freedom: LD 1428 Update
1/24/2014Maine--Committee to Remove Threat to 5-Year-Olds: LD 1530 Update
1/23/2014Homeschooling a struggling learner--come hear from speaker Kathy Kuhl
1/23/2014Action Needed to Have Parental Rights Bill Heard!
1/23/2014Action Needed NOW To Defeat Unwarranted Government Intrusion
1/21/2014Join Mike Farris in Richmond to Rally for Liberty
1/17/2014Maine--Help Needed to Prevent Compulsory Schooling for 5- and 6-year-olds
1/17/2014Virginia--Call Committee to Protect the Religious Exemption
1/16/2014Action Needed to Oppose Federally Controlled Testing
1/16/2014Support Income Tax Credit that Includes Homeschoolers
1/16/2014Maine--Act To Restore Religious Freedom
1/15/2014Oklahoma: Made Plans to Come to Annual Home Educators' Capitol Day Yet?
1/13/2014Kansas--Act Now to Get Kansas Out of Common Core
1/13/2014Virginia--Call Now to Thwart Attack on Faith-Based Homeschooling
1/10/2014Pennsylvania--Legislature Now in Session
1/10/2014Mississippi--Legislature Now in Session
1/10/2014Action Needed To Defend against Unwarranted Government Intrusion
1/10/2014Maine--Committee Action on Bill Moved to January 23
1/10/2014Hurry! Spring Constitutional Law Course Registration Closing Soon
1/9/2014Pennsylvania--Calls Needed to Pass Homeschool Bill
1/9/2014Help Needed Immediately to Prevent Compulsory Schooling for 5- and 6-year-olds
1/6/2014Parenting with a Vision One-Day Conference Set