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September 2014

9/15/2014Last Chance to Register for WV High School Symposium
9/15/2014Hear Michael Farris Speak in Iowa
9/15/2014Maryland--Wicomico County Imposes Multiple Unlawful Requirements
9/12/2014Pennsylvania--Lobby for Homeschool Bill
9/10/2014Council Bluffs Threatens Prosecution--Again
9/9/2014Homeschool Notice of Intent Reminder
9/8/2014AB 1444--Call Governor Again!
9/8/2014Urgent Calls Needed to U.S. Senate: Defeat UN Disabilities Treaty!
9/5/2014Virginia--Hampton Religious Exemption Form: Problem and Solution
9/5/2014Join Us for IFHS High School Map Your Future Event
9/4/2014Homeschool Notice of Intent Reminder
9/4/2014Homeschool Notice of Intent Reminder
9/4/2014Don't Forget to Submit Homeschooling Notice
9/3/2014Daytime Curfew Proposed in Victorville
9/2/2014Compulsory School Age Cutoff Date