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February 2016

2/10/2016Big Data Grab as Legislators Propose to Centralize Health Information
2/9/2016Homeschool Modernization at Stake in Senate Committee!
2/9/2016Act Now to Stop State Proposal to "Teach" Babies
2/9/2016Action Requested—Email Representatives to Stop Data Collection Bill
2/5/2016Follow Up on Common Core Bill, L.D. 1492
2/5/2016Please Call to Stop State Effort to Educate Babies
2/4/2016Email Senators to Stop Early Education Bill
2/4/2016Freedom Protected In the Maine Legislature
2/2/2016We need Minutemen at the Capitol Next Week!
2/2/2016Take Action to Restore Freedom for Parents and Students!
2/2/2016Homeschool Modernization Passes House—Please Take Action to Advance Freedom!
2/1/2016Legislature to Hear Bills on Grandparent Visitation, Equal Access