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10/30/2013 11:38:32 AM
Mike Smith--HSLDA
The formula for homeschool freedom in California

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

The formula for homeschool freedom in California

Our family began homeschooling in 1981 in Southern California. As a
result, we were thrust into the battle to legalize homeschooling in
California. As a lawyer, I was challenged with trying to find a way to
convince school officials that parents had a constitutional and
statutory right to homeschool. Since homeschooling was not mentioned
in the law, and there were several reported cases that had gone
against homeschoolers, this was quite a challenge.

It was during these challenges that I met Roy Hanson, a homeschooling
dad who was working as a missionary for Campus Crusade for Christ. He
was a great support to me during that time.

In addition to the legal work, we were also monitoring the legislature
to make sure that no laws would pass which would detrimentally impact
the right to homeschool. This took a lot of time and effort.

In 1986, when we began preparing to leave California to join HSLDA
full-time in Virginia, we knew we had to have someone that would step
into the role of monitoring the California legislature. Because of the
admiration I had for Roy Hanson's knowledge of legal issues related to
home schooling and his professionalism I asked him to take my place.
He agreed and that's the genesis of Family Protection Ministries (FPM) . Since that time, we've
partnered (HSLDA and Family Protection Ministries) to ensure that the
freedom we have in California to homeschool remains.

Throughout this 27 year history, I can tell you that FPM has been
essential to the freedom that exists in California to homeschool
today. Time after time, when bad legislation has been introduced which
would have restricted our freedoms, Roy Hanson and FPM have interceded
on your behalf. This result could be considered miraculous in light of
the fact that the teachers union controlled legislature has been in
existence almost the entire 27 years, yet no law has passed which has
reduced the freedom to homeschool in California.

Most of you are aware that FPM is supported by your donations; so not
only are they protecting your freedoms but are also trying to figure
out how to keep up the support necessary to cover their overhead,
especially when the economy is not good. I can tell you that the
monetary support is down this year and is threatening their ability to
continue to respond to the legislative challenges we have in
California with the same strength they've had in the past.

Their success is based upon their expertise in analyzing legislation
and their relationships that they have developed over the years with
the members of the legislature and their staff. This is the reason
that in most cases, FPM is able to stop or derail bad legislation
without having to call an all-out telephone campaign. Relationship
building requires much time and a good staff to be successful.

I would like to say that we can rest in California because of the
relatively few legal problems we've had following the 2008 California
Appellate Court decision which recognized homeschooling as a legal
private school via the private school exemption. However, the reason
for the urgency is that California homeschoolers face some tremendous
challenges as it relates to homeschool freedom and we must make sure
that FPM is adequately funded to be able to address these challenges.

Our greatest challenge comes from our government, both the state and
federal. At a recent conference on education in Washington DC, one of
the workshops addressed education choice. The conference was made up
of public school administrators--superintendents, principals and
federal education bureaucrats. When HSLDA's Will Estrada made the
statement that home education should be treated as an equal option
with public and private education, you would've thought he said:
"Jesus is Lord." The room exploded, almost violently, with the
following remarks: "parents are lazy, ignorant and abusive and cannot
be trusted to make the right educational choices for their children."

These comments reflect the true beliefs of many in the education
establishment which are looking for the opportunity to reverse the
freedoms that homeschoolers have gained. Through the use of common
core and other educational programs, the government is seeking to
standardize education for all children including our children who are
being homeschooled.

This would ultimately destroy home education as we know it today.
Parents must have the liberty to treat each child individually and the
government would like to take that away from us. Our government is not
sensitive to parental rights. For example, they continue to try to
lower the compulsory attendance age and ultimately would like to see
children required to be in school by age 3 and mandate teaching of
acceptance of lifestyles that contradict the beliefs of most parents.

Don't forget about the National Education Association, they are still
alive and well. We're hearing that they are now feeling threatened by
the growth of the number of homeschooled students which means fewer
jobs for teachers. We can fully expect that they will try to get state
legislatures to introduce legislation to regulate home schooling by
requiring teacher qualifications and heavy monitoring by public
schools of our students.

Another significant threat is coming from the statist intellectual
community who are writing law review articles and publishing them in
educational journals asserting that homeschooling must be regulated so
that children will have the opportunity to be exposed to things their
parents will not teach them. They believe that most homeschoolers are
religiously motivated and teaching their children such things as
"Jesus is the only way to Heaven." They claim to be the "tolerant" but
don't want parents to be able to teach that there are absolute truths.
How tolerant is that?

And you say, how will this all impact my right to homeschool in
California? The NEA, the education establishment, and the
"pro-tolerance" folks can only reverse the freedoms homeschoolers have
achieved in California through legislation. They will simply get
legislators to introduce legislation to tighten up on your freedom.
Your defense is Family Protection Ministries, working in partnership
with HSLDA.

We all want FPM to be able to mount the defenses necessary to preserve
our freedom. That can only happen if you support them NOW. Some might
be saying, "but we just simply don't have the money now and/or the
future is uncertain, we need to save." But what cost can we place on
the freedom to teach our children truth at home? Certainly, I don't
need to remind you how important it is for you to be able to
homeschool your children in an atmosphere that allows you to have the
freedom to teach them the truth. The liberty to teach truth is the
looming battle for home education in California. If the state has its
way, you will not be able to communicate your values as part of your
education program. They want every child indoctrinated with the idea
that the State is God.

As we consider what we will give to FPM, remember what the Bible says
about giving: "God loves a cheerful giver and if we sow sparingly we
will reap sparingly." I believe that God will honor your giving in a
special way because you're giving to provide a continuing opportunity
for yourself and other parents like you to teach your children what is
true and virtuous.

For those who do have money and are able to give, (let's face it, that
includes most of us) please remember that God did not intend for us to
stockpile our money. Please forgive this crude analogy, but money is
like manure, if it piles up, it stinks. When blessed by God, we have
an obligation to share with others and there's no better place to
share than with FPM.

FPM needs both new regular monthly support and many large one-time
gifts to continue its effectiveness. Please make your tax-deductible
gifts payable to FPM and mail today to:

PO Box 730
Lincoln, CA 95648 - 0730

Thanks so much for your anticipated consideration of FPM's urgent need
as they work diligently to continue to protect your freedoms.

May God bless you,

Mike Smith
President, HSLDA

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