From the HSLDA E-lert Service:


5/13/2013 11:47:18 AM
Mike Smith--HSLDA
Nevada: Immediate Calls Needed to Oppose SB 445 Instituting Accredited Programs

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

Nevada: Immediate Calls Needed to Oppose
SB 445 Instituting Accredited Homeschool Programs

Joint E-lert by HSLDA and Nevada Homeschool Network (NHN)

5/13/13 8:00 a.m. Hearing in the Senate Committee on Finance

SB 445 as written is
dangerous and could take homeschooling back to the dark ages of the
early 1980s! This bill MUST be killed altogether, amended to address
our major concerns, or amended to take homeschoolers completely out of
the bill.

A hearing has been set for 8 this morning, May 13, 2013 in the Senate
Committee on Finance. NHN will be there to testify against it, but
NOTHING gets the attention of the legislature more than the incensed
voice of the electorate! In this case, the governor has ignored our
repeated attempts to remedy the problems with SB445. He either
doesn't understand homeschooling and homeschool parents, or he
absolutely does understand them and he intends to put homeschooling
back under the oppressive fist of the public education system, setting
us back 30 years.


1. To make sure somebody is hearing us, please call or email the
members of the Senate Finance Committee immediately and ask them to 1)
kill the bill, 2) amend it to remove the homeschooling language
altogether, or 3) adopt the amendments that Nevada Homeschool Network
has submitted.

Members of the Senate Committee on Finance

Debbie Smith, Chair (775) 684-1433

Joyce Woodhouse, Vice-Chair (775) 684-1457

David R. Parks (775) 684-6504

Mo Denis (775) 684-1428

Ben Kieckhefer (775) 684-1450

Michael Roberson (775) 684-1481

Pete Goicoechea (775) 684-1447

2. The governor's office should also be contacted, explaining that
while we appreciate that he has thought enough of homeschoolers to
include us in his bill, that the language he has used is in fact very
bad for homeschooling.

Governor Brian Sandoval: (775) 684-5670

The Governor's Chief of Staff:
Gerald Gardner:

The Governor's General Counsel:
Judy Osgood:

Please continue calling even after the hearing, as this will help to
influence the Committee's vote.


NHN has been following SB445 since it was a simple bill draft request
(BDR 34-907). This is the Governor's "Scholarship" Bill allowing
businesses to donate to a scholarship organization for a tax-credit,
and then "scholarships" will be given to low-income students to attend
private school or use homeschool programs "accredited by the local
school district.

You read that correctly! The local school district will determine
what an accredited homeschool program is for families accepting
scholarship money. Furthermore, the bill as written leaves a loophole
that could allow unscrupulous people to use homeschooling as a cover
for fraudulent gain. Beyond that, the bill also encourages
homeschoolers to enroll in programs that in many cases will cause
homeschoolers to be enrolled in a private school, losing their legal
homeschool status.

We have had three meetings with Governor Sandoval's staff to discuss
this as well as other bills at the legislature. To date the response
from the governor's office regarding our concerns is that the governor
wants to "help" homeschoolers!

NHN submitted an amendment request to Governor Sandoval's office,
dated May 4, 2013, which has since been submitted to the legislature.
We expect it to be available either today or tomorrow on the NELIS
system. To see the request,
click on "meetings" and look under the various exhibits. NHN also
submitted a letter dated April 10, 2013 to the governor's chief
counsel detailing our significant concerns, which apparently was

While we support the concept of a scholarship to help low-income
students escape failing public schools, we CANNOT support this bill in
its current form. In addition, the school districts are proposing
other amendments that would further tie homeschool students who accept
scholarship money to the public school system standardized testing and
the Longitudinal Data System, a by-product of the new Common Core
Standards now in place in Nevada. In Nevada, we have been there, done
that ... we are NOT going back to Egypt!

Remember, there really is no such thing as a "free lunch." If you
accept money from the state to homeschool, you will be held
accountable to the public school system. The essence of homeschooling
is that it is parent-directed education, not "state approved"

We must OPPOSE SB 445 unless amended.

Nevada Homeschool Network
Frank Schnorbus, Chair
Elissa Wahl, Vice Chair
Ray Poole, Secretary
Barbara Dragon, Treasurer
Laura Siegel
Kelley Radow


Mike Smith
HSLDA President

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