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4/22/2013 5:14:14 PM
Scott Woodruff--HSLDA
Missouri: Call Now to Stop Federal Takeover of Missouri Education

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

Missouri--Call Now to Stop Federal Takeover of Missouri Education

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends:

Powerful forces in Washington, D.C., are seeking to centralize control
over education and dictate what children in America must
learn--perhaps even homeschoolers. And they are doing it through an
ingenious program called "Common Core State Standards."

Federal control over education would mean that dominant groups could
force-feed children exactly the doctrine and world view they want them
to believe.

If they had been transparent and simply filed a bill in Congress to
empower the federal government to control the content of education, a
firestorm of criticism would have doomed it. But they were clever:
they offered money to state bureaucrats to do "voluntarily" what they
themselves could not do without generating a nationwide outcry.

The result is that 45 states--including Missouri--took the bait, gave
up the right to choose what their children would learn, and promised
to create a system that would require all public children to learn
exactly the same things.

This could affect homeschoolers profoundly if it is not stopped.
College admissions tests are already changing to submit to Common
Core. The ability to enter college or get a scholarship could one day
depend on having learned the Common Core. Getting a job or getting
into the military could one day depend on learning the Common Core.
Even some homeschool curriculum providers have announced that their
books comply with Common Core!

Once all public school children are learning exactly the same things
nationwide, the path is laid to force private schools and homeschools
to comply. After all, why should some non-conformists be allowed to
teach their kids anything they want when "everyone" is learning Common
Core? It is not unthinkable that your freedom to teach your children
what you know they should learn could vanish--or it could be penalized
beyond anything we might now imagine.

The federalization of education content would be a huge step toward
turning the clock back and ending homeschool freedom.

And if federalization is successful, the seemingly unquenchable lust
for centralization will certainly set its eyes on the next target:
internationalization. And in the international arena, it's perfectly
acceptable to completely forbid homeschooling: just ask the Konrad and
Romeike families from Germany or the Johansson family from Sweden.

But in Missouri, there is hope for change! Two bills are pending in
the Missouri Legislature that would extract the state from Common
Core: SB 210 and HB 616. They need your help!


Please call your Missouri state senator and your representative right
away. Keep in mind that state bureaucrats joined Common Core without
any approval from the Missouri Legislature. Your lawmakers are not the
bad guys! But they DO have the power to solve the problem.

The message to your state senator could be as simple as "Please vote
YES on SB 210. Give Missouri back the right to choose its own
educational destiny."

The message to your state representative could be as simple as "Please
vote YES on HB 616. Give Missouri back the right to choose its own
educational destiny." You should feel free to develop a message that
is more personal using information from this e-lert or other sources.
Since this affects all parents, it is not necessary to identify
yourself as a homeschooler.

Also please call your two U.S. senators (Blunt and McCaskill). Iowa's
Senator Chuck Grassley is circulating a letter for U.S. senators to
sign opposing the funding of a nationalized curriculum. Your message
to Senators Blunt and McCaskill can be as simple as: "Please sign onto
Senator Grassley's letter urging Congress to defund the Common Core
Curriculum Standards Initiative. The federal government should not be
using taxpayer dollars to pressure the states into adopting
educational goals and curriculum which should be decided by local
parents, teachers, and schools."


Use this link to find your Missouri state senator and representative
and their contact information.

Use this link to get contact information for U.S. senators Blunt and
McCaskill: Call 202 224-3121 or visit this page to get contact
information for your U.S. senators:


For an explanation of how Common Core got started, read this article
by HSLDA's Director of Federal Relations, Will Estrada.

"What if I told you that Obama's education-policy reforms, arguably
pushed through without the good graces of the law, were crippling
children's imagination, stifling their creativity and on the whole
setting them up to become less moral, kind empathetic people?" Read
the rest of this National Review article:

The Heritage Foundation believes Common Core decreases a student's
ability to develop analytical thinking:

This article by a former Assistant U.S. Secretary of Education under
Clinton and Bush explains how federal money controlled the entire
operation and how little input was received.

Implementation of Common Core in California means that bright 8th
graders can no longer take Algebra I, because one set of Common Core
standards is required for every grade. (California Education Code
Massachusetts had to water down its math standards to comply with
Common Core.

The College Board, owner of the SAT college admission test, is already
changing the test to comply with Common Core.

This Cato article discusses the pressure to turn national education
standards into federal education standards.

"The Common Core State Standards have no more legitimacy than the
plans of your local village idiot to reform education."

This Christian Post editorial asserts that "There is no evidence that
the curriculum works, and it will destroy innovation amongst states."

The left-leaning Brookings Institute says Common Core won't improve
the education kids get. Brookings says that neither the quality nor
rigor of state standards is related to student achievement.

Although the Common Core is paraded as the work of states working
together, the U.S. Department of Education is already jumping in.

In addition to an organization that controls the Common Core standards
themselves, there is a group creating a national curriculum that
implements the Common Core standards, and at least two groups are
creating a national test that will test students on their knowledge of
the Common Core standards.

A bill is pending in Iowa that will create a state panel to encourage
businesses to give hiring preferences to students who earn a
"certificate of competency" from their public school. While it's
difficult to tell if this is directly related to Common Core, it is a
very troubling example of how state legislatures can link hiring
preferences with certain preferred types of education. see p.33 starting at line

Thank you for standing with us for freedom!

Sincerely Yours,
Scott A. Woodruff, Esq., Senior Counsel, HSLDA

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