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1/28/2013 11:23:09 AM
Scott Woodruff--HSLDA
S. Dakota--Calls Needed Urgently to Equalize Access to Opportunity Scholarship

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

South Dakota--Calls Needed Urgently
to Equalize Access to Opportunity Scholarship

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends:

A bill that will give homeschoolers fair access to the South Dakota
Opportunity Scholarship (HB 1128) needs your calls in support!

This bill brings fairness back to the scholarship and helps South
Dakota economically by encouraging bright homeschool students to stay
in the state for college--which is a major factor in where they will
eventually settle down and contribute to the economy.

This bill is scheduled to be heard in the House Education Committee on
Wednesday, January 30. Representative Lance Russell is the primary
sponsor of this bill.


If you live in the district of one of the House Education Committee
members, please call them before Wednesday to ask them to support
House Bill 1128.

Your message can be as simple as: "Please vote YES on HB 1128. Please
give homeschoolers fair access to the Opportunity Scholarship."

If your representative is not listed below, please call the chair,
Jacqueline Sly.

Contact information for delegates on the committee is listed below.

Use our Legislative Toolbox to
find out the name of your South Dakota representative.


Representative Julie Bartling
Home: 605-835-8120
Business: 605-775-2741

Representative Blaine Campbell
Home: 605-393-1645
Capitol: 605-773-3851
Business: 605-484-4848

Representative Scott Ecklund
Home: 605-336-8615
Business: 605-328-2999

Representative Jenna Haggar (Chair)
Home: 605-610-9779
Capitol: 605-773-3851

Representative Paula Hawks
Home: 605-254-2440

Representative Timothy Johns
Home: 605-722-3189
Business: 605-717-2889

Representative Dan Kaiser
Home: 605-228-4988
Capitol: 605-773-3851

Representative Elizabeth May
Home: 605-455-2588
Business: 605-455-2824

Representative Ray Ring
Home: 605-675-9379

Representative James Schaefer
Home: 605-869-2357
Capitol: 605-773-3851
Business: 605-869-2357

Representative Jacqueline Sly (Chair)
Home: 605-343-4956
Capitol: 605-773-3851

Representative Mike Stevens
Home: 605-661-0057
Business: 605-665-5550

Representative Burt Tulson
Home: 605-785-3480
Capitol: 605-773-3851

Representative Kathy Tyler
Home: 605-432-4310
Business: 605-237-0228

Representative Hal Wick
Capitol: 605-773-3851


In 2010, the South Dakota Legislature passed a bill to give
homeschoolers access to the Opportunity Scholarship. The scholarship
can provide $5,000 over four years for a South Dakota resident
attending one of 18 institutions of higher education in South Dakota.
To find out more about the scholarship, click here: .

However, this bill did not create a level playing field for
homeschooled students. Current law requires higher ACT or SAT scores
for homeschoolers than it does for public school students; this bill
eliminates this requirement, (however, homeschoolers would need to
demonstrate "college readiness" on all four ACT subtests). See HSLDA's
article from April 2010 ( )
about the inequitable rules of this scholarship.

Thank you for standing with us for freedom!


Scott Woodruff
HSLDA Senior Counsel

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