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10/17/2012 11:57:05 AM
Mike Smith HSLDA--Roy Hanson FPM
Our California Legislative Advocate Urgently Needs Your Help

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

Our California Legislative Advocate Urgently Needs Your Help

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends:

Family Protection Ministries' (FPM) operating funds have dropped
dangerously low.

Unless they receive increased financial support, they will not be able
to meet all their expenses and payroll these next few months. They
are very frugal in their spending, despite the increasing workload to
defend your freedoms in the California Legislature.

Let me explain.

First, HSLDA has been partnering with Family Protection Ministries
(FPM) since they began in 1986. FPM is the only organization with a
full-time presence in Sacramento dedicated to protecting the freedoms
of private homeschoolers and their parental rights in the California

Second, this year FPM was overwhelmed with a record-setting number of
difficult and complex legislative battles that consumed a significant
amount of their financial resources.

Third, I can tell you that they are very dedicated and have worked
very long hours to defend your freedoms. They are committed to serve
God and the ministry that He has given them. God has given them
expertise, experience, and key relationships to uniquely equip them
for this critical work.

However, they must have the necessary resources to continue to protect
the freedoms of home educating parents in this very challenging
California Legislature.

I am thrilled with all the great victories this year due largely to
the work of Family Protection Ministries on the front lines at the
Capitol in Sacramento.

The following dangerous bills, which FPM opposed, were amazingly
defeated in the California Legislature:

AB 2203 - would have lowered the age of compulsory education from age
6 to 5.

AB 1772 - would have instituted mandatory kindergarten that would have
the same practical effect as AB 2203 above.

Both AB 2203 and AB 1772 would have effectively taken away the current
right of parents to wait until their child is age 6 before enrolling
them into a formal education program. And both bills would have taken
California another dangerous step toward universal preschool for
children ages 3 and 4. The preponderance of good research
demonstrates the long-term harm of formalized early education to young

SB 1551 - would have inappropriately required all adults, most of whom
do not understand the complex legal definitions of sexual abuse in
California law, to report any "reasonably suspected" child sexual
abuse, even when based only upon a rumor. Penalties for failure to
report all "suspected" child sexual abuse could have included

We strongly agree with protecting children who are sexually abused but
strongly disagreed with this bill's proposed methods. Known child
sexual abuse is a hideous and perverse crime that needs to be
reported! We favor cracking down on known child sexual abusers.
Current law already requires everyone who has observed child sexual
abuse to report it and encourages everyone to report suspected child
sexual abuse. The approach in SB 1551 is unnecessary and would have
done great harm to the lives and freedoms of everyone.

AB 889 - would have burdened parents who hire a babysitter age 18 or
older (even occasionally) with the requirement to comply with all laws
that govern domestic workers, including overtime pay, income tax
withholding, payroll and tax reports, disability insurance,
unemployment insurance, and sleep and rest periods.

AB 1564 - would have severely threatened non-profit organizations such
as churches, PSPs, support groups and CHEA. This bill would have
caused the loss of tax-exempt status for nonprofit organizations with
any activities involving children in California, should a single
volunteer fail to report a case of child sexual abuse based only upon
suspicion. This penalty would have been levied without any court
finding of cover-up or complicity in not reporting child sexual abuse
by either the organization's staff or board of directors.

An additional important victory,

AB 1799 - was passed and signed by the governor. As of this coming
January 1, it requires that a pupil's previous school transfer a
pupil's records to the pupil's new school of enrollment within 10
school days from the time the request is received. In the past there
were no deadlines for transferring the school's pupil records to their
new school of enrollment. This caused a hardship for many
homeschooling parents who withdrew their child from a public school
and had a hard time getting their child's pupil records from the
previous public school their child attended.

This is a drop in the bucket compared to all they have done in the
past to successfully defeat many dangerous bills, which would have
greatly reduced your freedoms.

Following are examples of these other defeated bills. These bills
would have:

(1) Sent parents to jail for homeschooling;

(2) Sent good parents to jail for non-abusively spanking their child
as a means of discipline;

(3) Added "educational neglect" as a category of child abuse, leading
to social workers being given power to investigate your homeschool and
possibly take your children from you;

(4) Mandated mental health examinations for every Californian every
three years;

(5) Required at-risk screening and intrusive home visitations of
newborn babies; and

(6) Added habitual truancy as a new category of child abuse, resulting
in CPS social workers investigating homeschoolers.

This type of legislation is repeatedly reintroduced.

Despite these victories, the downturn in the economy and the
complacency of many homeschoolers has reduced both the number of
donors and the overall giving to FPM at a time when they are in great

Victories like these are becoming more difficult because of the
liberal stronghold of the California Legislature. Without sufficient
financial support, FPM will lack the resources to meet all the
challenges that are bound to arise in the months ahead. FPM is at
risk of having to cut back on the number of bills they can handle
using all the various skills and strategies they currently employ.

At any time, the California Legislature could attempt to eliminate the
current level of freedom for private home education as they have tried
to do in the past. Yet, God continues to bless the hard work and
dedication of FPM with the amazing result of a continued 100%
preservation of our homeschool freedoms for the 26 years since they

FPM monitors around 5,000 bills each legislative session to make sure
that your freedoms are protected. When FPM discovers a bill that
would affect your homeschool freedoms, they consult with us at HSLDA,
and together we determine an effective strategy before going into
action to oppose dangerous legislation.

Family Protection Ministries is funded solely by tax-deductible
donations from homeschool families in California. Without FPM's past
and current efforts, we would be living under the oppression of highly
restrictive and burdensome homeschool laws. Without your giving, FPM
will not exist, and home education will be in peril in California.

FPM is your eyes, ears, and leaders on the front lines in Sacramento!
In order for FPM to have the proper resources to continue to provide
this outstanding advocacy in your behalf, they need both immediate
generous donations and an increase in average monthly giving of about
$2,500 per month.

I am asking you to give sacrificially and generously today to ensure
our continued freedom to homeschool in California. Please also
consider becoming a monthly donor to FPM. For those of you who are
already giving regularly to FPM, I commend you and ask you to please
consider giving an extra amount at this time. Please forward this
request on to other homeschoolers.

Make your tax-deductible gift payable to FPM, and mail it today to:

P.O. Box 730
Lincoln, CA 95648-0730

Family Protection Ministries needs your help now!

Thank you for your consideration of FPM's urgent need as they work
diligently for the Lord on your behalf. Your freedoms as you know
them today depend upon having a strong voice in Sacramento to keep the
liberal legislators from imposing their radical views on home
education and families.

God Bless,

Mike Smith
President, HSLDA

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