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8/30/2012 4:25:21 PM
Scott Woodruff--HSLDA
Missouri--Urgent Action Needed to Stop Raytown Daytime Curfew

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

Missouri--Urgent Action Needed to Stop Raytown Daytime Curfew

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends,

Your help is urgently needed to block an effort in Raytown, MO, to
pass an ordinance that would make it a crime for young people to be in
a public place during public school hours.

The city's Board of Aldermen may vote on the ordinance on Tuesday.
Time is short! All members of the board need to hear about your

Daytime curfews do not accomplish what the proponents claim. They
have a disproportionate impact on homeschool families because we allow
our children free time while public schools are in session.

Homeschoolers have been harassed and made fearful by policemen who
treat them like suspected criminals for doing nothing more than being
in public. Some have even been arrested and taken against their will
to a police facility.


1. If you live in Raytown or might ever visit there, please stand up
for freedom by immediately calling to express your opposition to the
daytime curfew. Your message can be as simple as: "Please vote NO on
Bill No. 6296-12, daytime curfew. It will reduce freedom, but it will
not reduce crime or truancy." Or you can express your opposition in
your own words.

2. If you are not a resident of Raytown but might visit, call one or
more of the aldermen listed below.

3. If you live in Raytown, click on this map to find out which ward
you live in, and then call the two aldermen for your ward. .

4. Please attend the meeting of the Board of Alderman this Tuesday,
September 4. There is a work session at 6 p.m. and a regular meeting
at 7 p.m. A big crowd will send a powerful message! Consider speaking
against the proposal during the public comment period shortly after 7
p.m. (as you enter the room, sign up to make a public comment.)
Well-behaved children are welcome! The address is Raytown City Hall,
10000 East 59th St., Raytown, MO.

5. Since this is a holiday weekend, some folks may not get the word in
time. Please help by passing this on to other families as well!


Ward 1
Joe Creamer, Alderman
816-517-4773 (Cell)

Shane Par-Due, Alderman
816-398-8053 (Cell)

Ward 2
Jim Aziere, Alderman
816-358-8375 (Home)

Jim Hamilton, Alderman
816-737-6003 (Office)

Ward 3
Christine White, Alderman

Charlotte Melson, Alderman
816-737-6003 (Office)

Ward 4
Bill Van Buskirk, Alderman
816-737-2799 (Home)

Pat Ertz, Alderman
816-356-8233 (Home)

Ward 5
Michael Lightfoot, Alderman
816-686-8213 (Cell)

Steve Mock, Alderman
816-358-6283 (Home)
816-225-3217 (Cell)

David W. Bower, Mayor


1. Daytime curfews do not deter juvenile crime. A recent California
study compared the juvenile crime rates of counties that enforced
curfew ordinances and counties that did not. The crime rates were the
same. The curfews had no effect on juvenile crime.

2. Daytime curfews allow searches without probable cause. The Fourth
Amendment forbids any investigation of a citizen without a "probable
cause." The proposed ordinance allows policemen to stop and
interrogate a person merely because he looks young enough to be
violating the curfew. It is an invitation to harass homeschool

3. Daytime curfews assume a person is guilty until proven innocent. In
several incidents where homeschool students were stopped by police,
they had done nothing to arouse suspicion. There was no evidence they
had committed a crime or intended to. Nonetheless, the police
interrogated them and treated them like criminals until they had
proved their innocence.

4. The ordinance contains some exceptions. Unfortunately, the only
way for a policeman to determine if an exception applies is to stop
and interrogate the frightened young person. By then the damage has
already been done. The child may be afraid to go outdoors again. The
right to homeschool includes the right to be free from
fear--especially for young people, who are most vulnerable to feelings
of fear.

5. There is no exception for homeschooled children. There is an
exception for children who are "exempted" or "excluded" from
compulsory education or who are attending their own school or
"authorized to be absent." But a homeschooled child does not fall into
any of those categories if he is simply enjoying his liberty because
his homeschool program is over for the day or year. However, even if
a homeschool exception is added, the proposal would still be totally

6. The ordinance pressures homeschool families to take the time and
trouble to find out exactly what days and hours public schools are in
session. Parents who dismiss their homeschooled kids on days when
public schools are in session could be arrested and prosecuted.

7. The Ratyown school system is pushing this, ostensibly to reduce
truancy. But Belvidere school district (Illinois) enacted a daytime
curfew in June, 1996, and over the next 10 years chronic truancy
increased by 73%! (Based on Illinois State Board of Education

8. Journalist Stephen Mayer with KCTV reported earlier this week that
Kansas City has a daytime curfew. This is an error. A daytime
curfew and changes to truancy enforcement were proposed in a bill in
early 2012. The bill was amended to remove the daytime curfew and
then enacted with changes to truancy procedures.

9. Families for Home Education (FHE) representatives plan to meet with
Raytown representatives and explain that the Kansas City ordinance (as
actually passed) is acceptable, but the proposed Raytown ordinance is

10. HSLDA and FHE are united in opposing this ordinance.

Thank you for standing with us for freedom in Missouri!


Scott A. Woodruff
HSLDA Staff Attorney

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