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8/21/2012 12:24:32 AM
PHC Prep Academy
Still some openings left in PHC Prep Academy online courses...

Still some openings left in PHC Prep Academy online courses...

PHC Prep Academy still has some openings left in AP* United States
History, AP English Literature and Composition, and AP
Microeconomics--so you have the opportunity to sign up now, even if
you missed the regular registration deadline for fall and yearlong

Space is limited and classes start on August 27th.
Don't miss out--follow the links below to learn more
about each of these courses and Register Today:


"After taking AP United States History through PHC Prep Academy, I
will never look at my country the same way again. What I learned has
opened up my mind and changed my perspective. I feel like I never
really learned anything in a history course until I took this one.
Although the workload was challenging, what I learned paid for it. I
think that every single high-school student in America should take
this course!"--Naomi, New York

Learn more about AP United States History...


"When I took AP English Literature, I found that the class
interactions, instruction, assignments, and worldview discussions
vastly exceeded my expectations....I was definitely well prepared for
the AP exam. Most importantly, however, this class strengthened my
faith. Being surrounded by Christian teachers and classmates who
enthusiastically shared their faith via the setting of literature most
definitely changed the way I view education in general. I'll never be
the same after taking AP Lit with PHC Prep Academy!"--Elissa, Arkansas

Learn more about AP English Literature and Composition...


"AP Microeconomics far exceeded my expectations in helping me
integrate a Christian world view into the fascinating world of
economics. I highly recommend this course!"--Ben, MN

Learn more about AP Microeconomics...

Have questions? We have answers. You may reach a member of the PHC
Prep Academy staff by phone (540-338-8290) or email

Warm Regards,
PHC Prep Academy Staff

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