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5/4/2012 5:29:33 PM
Mike Smith HSLDA--Roy Hanson FPM
California: AB 2109 - Vaccination Waiver Threatened - Calls Needed

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

Vaccination Waiver Threatened--Calls Needed !

Joint Legislative Action Alert--May 4 , 2012

From: Mike Smith--HSLDA and Roy Hanson--Family Protection Ministries

Bill: AB 2109 (as amended 4/23/12)

Subject: Vaccination Waiver Threatened--Attack On Parental Rights!

Author: State Assemblymember Richard Pan

Position: Strongly oppose

Status: Passed Assembly Appropriations - On Assembly Floor for a vote
this coming week (May 7-11)

Thank you for your important phone calls!

Our parental rights and homeschool freedoms in California are under
attack in an unprecedented way this year. Your help is key to the
defense of our freedoms. It is critical that you read every alert and
take the suggested action in each one ASAP. Quickly pass these alerts
on to others so they can take action.

Summary of Concern:
AB 2109 creates a new additional requirement for parents who choose to
use the current personal beliefs waiver to exempt their child from one
or more of the vaccinations required for school enrollment. AB 2109
would require a parent to obtain the signature of a doctor, stating
that he has provided the parent with information about the benefits
and risks of vaccinations, and about specified communicable diseases,
before their child would be exempted. This would apply to all children
regardless of what type of school they are in, including a private
homeschool. The personal beliefs waiver, by itself, would no longer be
enough. In short, AB 2109 would diminish parental rights by
effectively requiring parents to receive what will be viewed as a
"permission" from a doctor to not vaccinate their child.

Information Included In This Email:
A. Action Items
B. Opposition Points to Share with Legislators
C. Background Information

A. Action Item

CALL IMMEDIATELY the member of the Assembly that represents your
district. Please use this link to find information on how to contact
your state assembly member. It is best to call between 9:00am and
5:00pm, Monday-Friday.

Tell them:

"Please vote no on AB 2109 (by Pan). I oppose requiring parents to
arrange an office visit to obtain a doctor's signature as a new
condition for exempting their child from vaccinations."


Call and write as a parent and citizen. This bill directly affects all
families with children.
Do not disclose the source of this alert. All bills are available on
the Internet.
Calls are most effective in this time-limited situation.
Pass this on to your friends, church, school, and group.
Pray for a proper outcome.

B. Opposition Points to Share with Legislators

AB 2109 is an attack upon parental rights and an attack on religious
and personal conscience liberties. It proposes a requirement that, in
effect, will burden and restrict the current right of a parent to
exempt their child from any or all required vaccinations for school
enrollment. The law already allows for non-vaccinated students to be
restricted from attending a school while there is an outbreak of
particular communicable diseases.

Parental rights attacked:

AB 2109 forces parents into a paid contractual relationship with a
health care provider they might not otherwise utilize for their
children's health care, which is a violation of basic parental rights.

AB 2109 forces health care practitioners into a gate-keeping role that
creates a hurdle for parents desiring to freely exercise their
parental rights to direct the health care of their children.

AB 2109 forces parents to attempt to arrange an office visit with a
healthcare provider hoping they will obtain the required signature of
the doctor. There is no requirement that the specified health care
providers either make the appointment, charge an affordable rate, or
give the parent their signed statement required by this bill.

Personal Conscience and Religious freedom attacked:

While a visit with and signature from a physician is appropriate for
the allowed "medical exemption," it is not appropriate for the
"personal beliefs exemption." It is not right for the state to put
physicians in a role where they can attempt to influence the personal
beliefs or the religious beliefs of the parent.

Impractical & Unworkable for many parents and therefore selectively
discriminatory by its very nature:

It may be difficult to find a health care provider who will be willing
to do this in California, based on their busy and already overwhelming
schedules. Some doctors may decline these appointments simply because
they don't want to give people an excuse to not get vaccinations or
don't want to handle "non-treatment" related issues.

AB 2109 ignores the fact that some parents who have a personal belief
that any required vaccination is not appropriate for their child may
not have a regular doctor for their child and family, and from whom
they could readily get the required documentation. Many doctor's
offices are not taking new patients. This has already been the
experience of parents in Washington where they passed essentially the
same law last year.

Health care practitioners cannot fully educate a parent regarding the
risks and benefits of each required vaccination and the health risks
of the related diseases in 20 minutes or less. A study in Pediatrics
Magazine showed 80% of parents reported "well" visits lasted less than
20 minutes. One-third of parents reported visits of less than 10

There is no guarantee that just because you pay money to a provider
you will get a signature. In fact, you probably won't get one. Doctors
will not want to sign these for fear of liability.

Creates financial hardship for many families:

AB 2109 would impose a burden on families both financially and time
wise. It requires that parents who believe that a particular
vaccination or all vaccinations are not in the best interest of their
child make and pay for an appointment with an appropriate health care
practitioner merely to obtain their signature on a document. This
document declares that the practitioner provided the required
information. This information is available for free on the web or

AB 2109 will negatively impact many poor or disabled parents by
forcing them to make an unnecessary and maybe difficult trip to the
doctor's office. Many have jobs that do not have the flexibility to
take time off merely for an information appointment. Insurance will
likely not cover such an appointment, and therefore must be paid by
the parent.

This requirement is clearly an obstructive roadblock for parents being
able to get an exemption for their child.

Physicians--financial conflict of interest:
A parent is forced to pay for information from a health care provider
and then hope they can get the required signature. Reports from the
state of Washington, which implemented this requirement last year, are
that doctors are pressuring parents to join their practice. This is a
coercive way of throwing more business toward the classes of health
care providers specified in the bill while excluding other sources of
the same information.

Physicians--philosophical beliefs conflict of interest:
Health care practitioners should not have anything to do with a
parent's personal beliefs exemption.

AB 2109 gives the physician the power to refuse to give an
appointment. Even if he sees the parent, he is not required to sign
the statement that is required for the "personal beliefs exemption."

This bill requires parents who are exercising their rights under the
law to pay money to be harassed by someone who disagrees with their

Physician-Patient relationship negatively affected:
AB 2109 will likely have a very negative impact on some doctor-patient
relationships. This bill requires a health care practitioner to sign a
form that acknowledges a child will be exempt from a vaccination. This
will be repugnant to some health care practitioners who will not sign
the required statement and will result in the development of an
unfortunate adversarial relationship between some patients and their
doctors. Families may even lose their doctor over this, as has
happened under Washington's similar law implemented last year.

C. Background Information

As introduced, AB 2109 requires further documentation to be received
by a school regarding a parental personal beliefs waiver (HSC section
120365) for required vaccination. The bill would require a health care
practitioner to provide information about the benefits and risks of
all required vaccinations and the health risks of specified
communicable diseases to the parent, and for the health care provider
to sign a Public Health Dept. form indicating the receipt of that
information. The signature will need to be obtained on a separate form
provided by the Department of Public Health, which states that the
health care practitioner has provided risk and benefit of vaccinations
information to the parent. The bill defines "health care practitioner"
to be a physician or surgeon, a nurse practitioner, or a physician
assistant, as further specified in the bill by reference to other code

This proposed requirement in AB 2109 would apply to all pupils
enrolled in a public or private school (including homeschools).
Currently, a parent may exempt their child from any or all of the
required immunizations by one of two ways: (1) a medical waiver (HSC
Sec. 120370) by a statement from a physician or (2) a personal beliefs
waiver (HSC Sec.120365) by a parent signing a statement on the
immunization form that reads:

Personal Beliefs Affidavit To Be Signed By Parent Or

I hereby request exemption of the child, named on the front, from the
immunization requirements for school/child care entry because all or
some immunizations are contrary to my beliefs. I understand that in
case of an outbreak of any one of these diseases, the child may be
temporarily excluded from attending for his/her protection.

(This waiver for vaccinations is documented by signing the back of the
immunization form, pm286b that becomes a part of their school's pupil

For more information and resources on benefits and dangers of
vaccinations please visit:

"Vaccinations Helping or Hurting Kids?"

"To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate"

Parents who want to "waive" one, or more, or all vaccinations for
their children should make sure their school's immunization records
for each of their children reflects their desires. Waivers for
vaccinations are documented by signing the back of the immunization
form, pm286b. This form must be kept in the permanent file for each
school-age child enrolled in your school.

For information on how to contact your state assembly member and state
senator, please click here:

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friends, church, school, and group.

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