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2/10/2012 5:19:48 PM
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Reminder--Be Refreshed at Apologia Live

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Have You Heard About the Retreat Just for Homeschool Moms?

Let's come together to Celebrate the Journey of homeschooling,
wifehood, and being a mom during the good times, the bad times and
yes, even the ugly times.

Join us as at an Apologia Live Retreat for Homeschool moms where we
look at the scriptures and seek encouragement from veteran homeschool
moms on how to celebrate our shared homeschool journey.

Having been in the homeschool trenches, our speakers will share their
trials and triumphs.

We will fellowship, learn, listen, worship, and pray. We will be
encouraged spiritually.
Uplifting, Refreshing, and Inspiring

Here is a preview of the uplifting sessions you'll enjoy from Rachael
Carman, Elizabeth Smith, Pam Tebow (Atlanta only), Heidi St. John
(Baltimore only), Debra Bell, Jeannie Fulbright, and Sherri Seligson

Rachael Carman--Loving, Laughing and Learning Throughout the Journey

This home school journey is an amazing one. It is unpredictable,
challenging, exhilarating, and draining all at once. One day
everything goes great, the next it all falls apart. As we face our
individual family adventures we need a firm foundation of love coupled
with the stress relief of laughter which together create the perfect
contest for learning. Celebration awaits us when we keep these three
"L's" in order!

Pam Tebow (Atlanta only)--Celebrate Your Influence

Heidi St. John (Baltimore)--Celebrate the Journey of REAL LIFE

Let's face it. Homeschooling is challenging. Sometimes it can feel
like a major accomplishment just to take a shower and get the
breakfast dishes cleaned up before dinner! Most homeschool moms feel
the pressure of providing their children with a solid academic
foundation, but there's so much more to homeschooling than academics,
isn't there? If you have been or are on the edge of homeschool
burnout, if you are wondering why God has called you on this
homeschooling journey, or if you just need some honest, real
encouragement, this is the one homeschool workshop you can't afford to

Debra Bell--Celebrating the Journey in Awe and Wonder--Why a love for
learning glorifies God

God intends us to be wonderstruck by the glory and majesty of His
creation for it is the irrefutable evidence that God exists and He is
worthy of our worship. A honest thirst for knowledge is a longing to
know the Creator. And a true love for learning at its heart is a love
for God. This is the philosophy of education we should model for our
children and infuse into our homeschooling. With Scripture to light
our path, here's how.

Elizabeth Smith--Celebrate the Journey of Parenting Heart to Heart

Connecting with our children's hearts is essential to a successful
parenting experience. Elizabeth will share some vital ways to nurture
this all-important relationship. Her mini-quiz will help you evaluate
where you are in your journey to Parent Heart to Heart.

Zan Tyler--Celebrate the Journey with Your Child's Potential

Developing a strong biblical vision for your family and each of your
children will in large part determine the success of your year--and
give you the most to celebrate. In our time together we will explore
the power and purpose God has invested in your home and family and in
you as the mother. We will identify some simple but dynamic guidelines
for strengthening relationships in your home. Last, we will discover
how to recognize the gifts, strengths, and special purposes that God
has placed within each of our children. We have much to celebrate as
we seek to raise children who love the Lord Jesus and know how to use
their gifts to bring glory to Him!

Jeannie Fulbright (Atlanta)--Celebrate the Journey as You Build Your

"A wise woman builds her house, but a foolish one tears it down with
her own hands.&rduqo; During this talk, Jeannie will share the story
of how God changed her from a destructive foolish woman, and showed
her the secrets to becoming a godly wife. Using house construction as
an example, Jeannie will shed light on the importance of submission,
respect, forgiveness and many other concepts that will result in a
home built on solid ground. This workshop will motivate women to
protect and enrich their marriage.

Sherri Seligson (Baltimore)--Celebrate the Journey of Your Marriage

The fairy tale version of marriage says that your prince will carry
you off into the sunset, and you will live happily ever after. But
that's not the end of the story. The marriage journey is a lifetime of
challenges and blessings. We'll travel through the chapters of
marriage as if it were a storybook, discovering that "happily ever
after" takes effort and requires us to rely on the Lord!

Baltimore, Maryland
March 9-10
Atlanta, Georgia
March 23-24
Special Hotel Pricing Ends Soon!
All details are at:
Facebook: ApologiaWorld
Twitter: @ApologiaLive

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